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How to Help Children with Anxiety Using Bach Flower Remedies

Posted on 28 April, 2019 at 7:00
Emotional meltdowns and tantrums are not the only big emotions and situations children deal with daily. Kids deal with fears (large and small), self-esteem issues, worries, sadness, social anxieties, impatience discouragement and many others. There are several ways to help a child with understanding and coping with their emotions. Parent knowledge and patience is by far the most helpful in providing a secure relationship that kids know is positive and reassuring in times of stress. Diet and exercise have all proven to be helpful in keeping children active and can also help regulate the childs emotions. Some children who are prone to emotional negativity may struggle more so than their peers with stress and other external triggers that cause the child to experience an increase of negative emotions. Because each child is unique and different, I often use many different blends for certain problems children face. Its important to assess each child individually to establish the best selection for their specific needs. One such remedy for children who struggle with negative emotions and controlling them is the Bach flower remedy system. Children with Emotional Issues: How can Bach Flowers help? What are the Bach flower remedies? Bach flower remedies are a series of blends from different wild flowers that are safe and natural. Children can ingest the blend, as well as adults and pets. The Bach flower blends were discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1920sand1930s. Dr. Bach was a well-known physician, bacteriologist and pathologist in London who decided to take a more homeopathic journey to heal patients. He discovered 38 remedies in all that each take on a healing emphasis of a certain emotional state for example, anxiety or anger. He found that a patients moods and severe emotions would improve when taking his blend. Bach flower remedies are used for a variety of issues, including fear, anger, stress, grief, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, trauma.There is no harm or other issues associated with Taking the Bach flower remedies. For more information about how Bach flower remedies can help your child, please review the following: for a list of International Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners. Mary Murray BFRP Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner The Bach Method 086 1560278 Bach Remedy Consultations 35 euros including remedy with free follow-up review after 3 weeks*

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