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How Bach Flower Remedy Can Help to Overcome Exam Pressure

Posted on 1 May, 2019 at 8:25
Overcome Anxiety and Conquer your exams with Confidence Never Fear Bach is Here. Exams can be stressful they can determine crucial next steps in a students academic career. Bach flower remedies can take away the stress and frustration out of exams preparation with its unique holistic approach to further a students educational success and can support every step of the way. Its nearly exam time, which in a students life can mean its time for them to be inside studying for secondary school or university exams while the sun shines on everybody else. This can be such a stressful time of year for all students. Its so easy not to look after yourself when you are frantically studying and revising, Bach flower remedies are brilliant for supporting you through all those stressful feelings as you battle through to the end. There are remedies that help you with states of worry or fear, or even extreme panic. The list on the list below is a highlight of the negative emotions, that I hope might help anyone struggling through the next few weeks to identify with that symptom of stress or anxiety associated with exams. Exam Stress: Signs of Emotional Negativity All students if they are honest will admit that finding their mind ends up with thoughts whirring round and round, particularly at night causing sleep problems before exams. When you feel you are the kind of person who might want to drink too much or take drugs when you are under stress in order to dull the feelings and escape. You are someone who lacks confidence in their own judgement or perhaps even distrusts their own convictions/abilities. In an exam if you are doubting your knowledge even though you know you have studied enough for it. If you find yourself seeking too much advice and confirmation from others. Should you be the person who gets severe exam panic! If you suddenly feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of it all. Should you feel like you have no self- confidence. Feel you are plodding on from overwork and tiredness under great strain Are you being over-conscientious with your studying? Usually, never content with your achievements and over work themselves. A student that is tense, hyper-anxiety if you are pushing yourself too hard and causing yourself stress headaches. Bach to the Rescue Remain calm and relax during the exams. Avoid losing courage when an exam did not go well. Keep believing in your own capability. Stop worrying and being anxious. Get rid of your irritations during exams. Gain strength and courage. Restore confidence and concentration. Get clarity of mind and calm the nerves. You got this, you put in the work. Feel the excitement building in your heart. That is a sign you are on the right path. This is the right choice for you. BELIEVE!! I wish you all the best of luck, remember to take a break to breath and relax. As Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in Cork. I am offering free consultations (worth 35euros) to students. If a Bach remedy resonates with you. I can make up a unique blend of Bach remedies individual to your needs at a cost of 10euros only. Mary Murray BFRP 086 15602478 Copyright Mary Murray BFRP The Bach Method 2019©

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